Here is yet another poetic, narrative summary of our nine stories from “All in a Day” by Tenx9 co-host Cary Gibson. 


Our thanks to our storytellers: Rob McRay, Sarah McIntyre, Jacques Sirois, Mariel Bolton, John Paul, Marini Facey, Brittany Pickering, Michael McRay, and Geoff Little.


It was the longest, hardest, coldest day in Chicago. After 23 hours of the hardest labor for your mother, you were born. It was the best day of my life.

But jury duty, a key, a lawnmower and an SUV are all you need to threaten a sunny day in Centennial Park with dark clouds of despair.

Yet somehow we got everyone home safely. Despite being apparently cursed and then crossing Lake Volta in a death ferry. On the day we woke at 4am to take our students on a field trip.

It’s funny how a simple act can impact your life. Amidst the frustration and confusion of Alzheimer’s, I got a glimpse of what a lifetime of love looks like, captured in an embrace.

This was “glamping”?! If you’re going to hike 13 miles over a mountain and through a creek, read your map, and bring a flashlight. Better still: start out early. Back at the camp, someone kissed the ground. It wasn’t me.

My friend had “first date jitters.” We decided I should lurk a short distance away, disguised as an elderly woman. Isn’t that what you would do? The hot college graduate realized why he didn’t date high school girls.

That day in the prison, I asked a man why he would say he wanted to go to hell, moments before he nearly took his own life. I gave another inmate two books. I prayed. I crouched in the corner. And wept.

It was Holy Week On The Street. $100 bought us a “pizza miracle.”  Seeing flames through the trees, one the goth guys said, “Behold. The village of the damned.” But it wasn’t. At least, not for us. We got to go home.

In a Hot Chicken Derby, the amount of hot chicken you eat is inversely proportional to how much can care for another person. Especially a drunk pop star. I wanted her to hurt, like I did. Like 4th hot chicken hurt. But it turned out I wasn’t the protagonist of this adventure. She was.

This was your day, Tenx9 Nashville. This is your story.


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