Rob McRay offered us our “understory”, the summary of all our stories at August’s Tenx9 “I Was Never the Same Again.” 

Nashville, once, we used to be calm and peaceful. But then, after a cosmic ass-kicking, we gave birth to a sea urchin! Now, we’re just constantly grateful to feel nothing.

Once we could not conceive, no matter how much we longed to. But then, after a ride on the “Do You Want to Die Bus,” and a torturous week waiting in a strange land, we were strapped to a table, cut open, and put to sleep. Now, we awakened parents of a beautiful child.

Once we kept a deep personal secret, afraid of rejection, of being known. But then, came a night of real stories gone viral. Now we can leap from planes, and run races, and roar like a lion.

Once we were paralyzed, and felt weak and vulnerable. But then, our chair got away from us, and we found ourselves in a commercial about “falling and can’t get up.” Now, we have a companion who gives us confidence, brings us the phone, and may introduce us to a wife.

Once we were middle-aged students learning challenging new skills. But then, we faced the acid trip of the iron man. Now, we know we can face new challenges, overcome fears, and tell stories to strangers with bright lights in our eyes.

Once Tommy stood with us, and someone had our backs. But then, Tommy died, and we decided to go for it. Now, we are a social experiment in life.

Once we were tourists with simple faith. But then, we stood in front of the ovens…and heard that sentence. Now, we are trying to make sense of it all.

Once we were uncles of an autistic child with “Jimmy-it is.” But then, we learned Jimmy could sing. Now, we’ve learned to live through Armageddon, and we receive more than we give.

And we have never been the same.

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