As our journey begins

Headed along the Pacific Coast Highway via LA,

Some advice:

You may be too scared to sleep,

You may be going to fast,

You may be nearly dead,

But you’re together.

Trains for Vienna are departing… *hurls*

Travellers are reminded to avoid excess baggage.

Sorry, did I say baggage? I meant braggage.

Because, friends? Karma might get you.

And if not, the kebabs will.

In our transatlantic journey tonight

Crossing from Irish border country to the USA

We travel in years as well as miles.

We need justice, grace and forgiveness.

But please remember to bring confidence

And all of you.

For the nervous sojourner,

New York City transportation

Hums and rhymes with frustration.

You have 2 rules:

  1. Trust the Irishman with a bag of coins, and
  2. Please check the departure time on your ticket.

Older drivers, on your left

We are passing Crete, Israel, Palestine & Southeastern Iowa.

Did you fill your tank? No?

Wait! Let’s back up. Quite literally.

Do you have your car?

No? Don’t tell the children!

There ain’t no partay like a Colonial Williamsburg party

To which we welcome our visitors from California.

You’ve got an upgrade on your room.

The cake is a “Surprise!”

And the firemen? Are also a bonus (we presume).

We’ll have a layover in sunny Yemen.

Please make a good impression.

Develop a diverse, if inaccurate, vocabulary.

To be more than a tourist you’ll have to stay awhile.

Yemen (like everywhere else) is complicated:

Beautiful and sometimes angry and always real.

Next, we’ll be stopping off in London.

This journey will be a struggle.

Spoiler alert: things get better.

Here you get free time, free health care, you’ll be disgustingly happy

And you’ll learn how to work to live rather than live to work.

Our final stop is Chile.

Here, you will feel out of place.

We’re a long way from New Jersey.

But remember who you are: you’re Italian.

When you travel – to Chile or Nashville

You bring your family, your culture & your language with you.

Bring the best of it. And receive that best.

Because wherever you travel: the world is small.

So keep the conversation going.

This is your destination.

And this, tenx9nashville, is your Understory.

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