Never again, Nashville.24-Never Again

Never again do we want the nerve rattling experiences of Thor’s derriere, shaking hotel rooms, or the fear of being found wearing only a towel—on the wrong part of our anatomy.

Never again will we accept the challenge to reach for a great personal accomplishment that ends in lying, cheating, and deep existential crises.

Never again will we have dessert first with him, or wear hats in church, or her him laugh, or watch him love his grandkids…but we will remember, and smile.

Never again will we lose our minds in the relentless pursuit of the destruction of tiny creatures—no matter how annoying they may be.

Never again will we steal Christmas trees, or wave at police with hacksaws in our hands, or get into car accidents with confused potheads, just for a little sweetness in life.

Never again will we sit together in our community in hell, listening to homilies and guitars with friends and family, or organize protests against the godfather…well, we might do that.

Never again will we listen to stories of pain, addiction, and illness, and choosing homelessness to care for loved ones, from people who used to seem normal, and then take a day of rest from doing what we feel compelled to do.

Never again will we move all our things across the country with stress ulcers, an oblivious father, and a cat who can read our m minds.

Never, never again.

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