Nashville, we went to work tonight.

Our first job was an exciting position in a VD Control Unit…where we feared sexually active boxers, prison riots, and possible newspaper articles in our mom’s scrapbook!25-Work

We wanted to change the world, so we found a fun, free job in an experimental program with juvenile offenders, working with sociopaths who don’t cry at documentaries.

The pain and loathing caused by a man who should have loved us led to tragic journey from strange disco nights to constantly unsuccessful working relationships—until a good, respectful, caring man who walks on water began to transform our pain.

A day’s work with mentally ill, suicidal, self-mutilating, spitting, fighting prisoners taught us to be careful what we say.

We left an unplanned career in retail to teach writing to three terrifying children, where lies on top of lies about our famous fantasy lover nearly sent us back to the mall.

We were shopping for faux fur in New York, when we put our bartending job on hold—again—to spend two holy months without work; then we got one last signature from her…before she was gone.

We cherished our time while Mom worked in the flower beds and we talked of life, until a Sunday afternoon in the back yard when she said those words. Our last day ended in a promise to remember her irises, and life started over—and her irises still bloom.

We’ve had a lot of jobs with creepy bosses—such as, a telemarketer, Ebay clerk, underwear seamstress, and a long career as a sign twirler—which has led to multiple personalities.

We worked with teenage Irish dropouts sharing our expertise in cooking, winging it with potato salad and chicken—which led to creativity, independence, and real relationships.

And, Nashville, isn’t that why we were here tonight at Tenx9 for an evening of work.

Join us September 21 for our next night! Our theme is “Nashville.” You can sign up here.

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