Behold Rob McRay’s understory for October 2015’s theme “Ghost”. 

Tonight we saw ghosts.

We walked the ghostly halls of an aging hotel with a corridor that didn’t exist, a light that didn’t shine, and a mirror that still creeps us out.IMG_2631.JPG

We heard the ghostly sounds of a strange visitor, certain that we were the only living thing in the house—but we weren’t—and we were both surprised.

We looked for his ghost…in the water, in the mirror, in the graveyard, among his things. But we found him in a dream…and he was fine…and we want to be.

We saw two ghostly figures on the old Ryman stage, as they sang in tune with the droning sound, looking at something we can’t see—singing a song we can’t really know.

We heard stories of pain and hurt…and raced to the E.R.—but the monitors and cold hand told us it was too late. When you ride the ghost train, there is no return…but, sometimes there is.

We were visited by a ghost that whispered, and then screamed lies, imprisoned by his voice. And then we were visited by an angel, encouraging and present. And we found our people—who are much louder than our ghosts.

We were visited by ghosts of holidays long ago, who showed us idyllic scenes of loved ones and feasting and stories…and memories we would love to live again.

We were haunted by ghosts—hat guys, and nameless girls, and childhood bullies—ghosts of failure and loneliness and regret—ghosts that brought us to the edge. But those ghosts are finally vanquished.

These are the ghosts of this night.

Join us for our next night of true stories on November 9 at Douglas Corner Cafe. Our theme is “Sorry”


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