Here’s the understory for May 2016’s theme “LOL”. Thanks to Rob McRay for another great one. 

Tonight, Nashville, we laughed out loud.

We laughed at Miss Morbid’s dead rabbits, and the Jock’s aching eggs, and a junior high fascination with bathroom humor during a puppet show for 4-year-olds.

We laughed at an overly confident 30-year-old babysitting a 3-year-old with Netflix…and 34-LOLlearning that you’re a “ducking” idiot.

We laughed at memories of a mother’s pearls on pressure cookers blowing us to kingdom come, and the true meaning of audition jargon, and how to pass wind and blame it on the person behind us.

We laughed at feeling painfully awkward at a match-making festival in red-laced undies, where we exaggerated about Apache rescues and Elvis’ ancestry.

We laughed at Teddy, the misogynist parrot, who dive-bombed our mother on the toilet…and gave her another reason to go to Mass.

We laughed our way through replacing our colon with a sack-o-crap, and trying stand-up in a cat-shaving voice…and learning that making others laugh may be the best medicine.

We laughed at a Plan-B proposal in crime-ridden Paris, surrounded by men in our dream active wear, and assuring the one we love that she is really, really special.

We laughed at…a gynecologist with really good shoes…who…uh, opened up a sink hole…and…gave a procedure that I’m pretty sure men are not allowed to talk about, much less laugh at, and certainly not summarize…so let’s just leave it at that.

And finally, we laughed at a valuable character lesson taught to three teenage boys through the time-tested trial-by-fire of athletic competition and a cherished Christmas tradition—performed in drag.

And if laughter is the best medicine, we should all feel much better tonight!

Thanks to all the amazing storytellers, Rob, Darcie, Chris, Rachel, Jacques, Kathleen, Drew, Deepak, and Christy! Join us at Douglas Corner on Monday, June 27 for our next FREE night of storytelling! The theme is “Courage.” Submit your story idea here or just come and listen.


Peace y’all,


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