Here’s Rob McRay’s understory from “Do No Harm: Stories of Healthcare,” our April 2017 partnership with Meharry Medical College. 

Nashville, tonight we encountered episodes in health care.

We discovered a troubling cyst, but left the patient as we dashed home to find a crying daughter and a disintegrating tutu. We hitchhiked to the rehearsal, and in spite of everything, it all had a happy ending.

We encountered a blue-eyed Ryan Gosling in a psych ward and his imaginary social SPECIAL-Healthcareworker. And we learned never to assume—especially if it involves assassinating a president.

Maurine would always leave against advice—but this time the blood pressure was too high and the heartbeat was too low. And she said, “I’m gonna die.” “Not today,” we said…but we were wrong.

She had ADHD, made no eye contact, gave short answers…and slept with a knife. On-again-off-again treatment and heavy drinking led us to wonder how we can “do no harm” when the system harms.

We faced a birth defect with no benefits, but the Affordable Care Act spared us from an illness without insurance. We watched the vote with anxiety, then relief, and a conviction to help others.

We graduated from “My dad can remove your brain” to campaigning to close the coverage gap. Then we went from cocktails in Frisco to shocking results and unemployment…but with more hope than Bruce had.

We left Chicago’s winter for Lima’s beauty. But at the campsite we presented a mind-boggling health plan to a 10-year-old boy who could no longer play. And we wondered how to do no harm when we will kill him either way.

Life changed when a frustrating, troublesome young woman, whose life had led from pregnancy to addiction to rape to desperation, told us “you don’t want to know.” And she was right…but now we do.

We went to a…gynecologist with really good shoes…who…uh, opened up a sink hole…and…gave a… procedure…that I’m pretty sure men are not allowed to talk about, much less laugh at, and certainly not summarize…so let’s just leave it at that.

Special thanks to all our tellers–David, Lloyda, Kristen, Michael, Tamkeenat, Theodor, Veronica, Christy, and Stephanie. A wonderful night. Be sure to join us Monday, April 24th for “Trouble”.


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