Here’s Rob McRay’s understory from our Sept 2019 6th year anniversary theme “Nashville”. 

Tonight, we experience Nashville.

We all enjoyed a weekend of temporary bachelorhood with pimento cheese and bourbon, till an impromptu gig for bachelorettes at an Airbnb, where wine and Wagon Wheel led to a blues jam Stairway to Heaven…and a night of Music City Magic.

We gathered a legion of lesbians to gather supplies from the unexpectedly kind 73 - NashvilleChristians to take to the laughing Egyptian beauties. At the end of a day of asking and receiving and giving, we felt the ugliness of being ourselves…till she translated the smiles from shame to beauty.

We were homeless with a sense of humor and needed the million-dollar fee for the song-writing context. But we settled for sweet tea and the show at the Golden Arches dinner theater, moved to Nashville, and married the feller of our dreams.

Our champion rescued us from brothers with cat food and staple guns—and he wasn’t what was wrong. But Mom died on his birthday, and he died of a broken heart. But he encouraged us to find a better future—and we found a better home in Nashville.

We spent a lot of time with Nashville losers, when a mysterious stranger at the mall encouraged us to do what we love. And we never talked again. Then we read his obituary…just before our first gig doing what we love.

Our colorful and mortifying dating life in Nashville finally led us to someone who didn’t expect a Scandinavian model and didn’t need us to explain ourselves. But we slowly learned he was more fascinated with our race than with us—and we need to be more than a fetish.

We pursued our semi-dormant ferocity to change our society by kindergarten, till a nervous breakdown brought us back to Nashville. We unschooled our children with self-directed hippies, without selling our souls to the devil…but we did get secular religious status from the devil system.

We made a garden to separate us from the Airbnb parties. But a hairy, New Jersey, drunk “good guy” in pajama shorts put us in “murder-you-mode.” And we got to tell his whole group that we squirted Kevin in the crotch.

We welcomed our family from Jersey, till ice-breaking ACT comparisons foreshadowed the nightmares to come. The room painted with make-up and manure was the last straw. And Nashville sighed with relief as they left—and we would love to pour them a full cup of coffee!

Thanks to our storytellers—Karla, Tamara, LJ, Michael, Melissa, Matthew, Sally, Sonia, and Marilyn! We are back Oct 21 with some shocking stories. Plus, we are partnering up with Mewsic Kitty Cafe on Nov 10 for cat stories. Submit your story idea for either here.

74- Shock



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