Here’s Rob McRay’s understory from our September 2020 theme on Zoom “Nashville.”

Tonight, Nashville, we were in Nashville.

We found our way to the secret Nashville location and ditched hubby to get closer to his tight Levis. His Oscar-winning wife stole our line and our moment. But we got a drunk buzz and a selfie.

We moved to the Nashville area and said we were downsized, Druid, Demonbreuns from Detroit. We still can’t find the mosque, but we love being down-a-piece from Nancy’s hair place.

Assassinations and riots and wars were in far away places, keeping evil far from our safe Nashville neighborhood—until the crime tape and bags of evidence and grizzly details. Now we are haunted by the horror story and the monsters among us.

We were sure our interview was a failure. We tried on the not-just-any-jackets and saw the lights and—in the middle of the crowds and construction—we could barely hear the good news! And now Nashville is our home.

Our father came to Nashville to be with us on his final journey—from dementia to final directives to bladder problems to hospice to a catheter choice no one makes. But it was a more rational choice than the desert.

Our maiden trip to Nashville followed a blizzard and delays and missed connections and a goodbye and a red eye. Grief and exhaustion and Indy-All-Night ruined our trip to a place we would never revisit—but here we are, Nashville.

Special thanks to our six storytellers—Rob, Marianne, Jackie, Emma, Steve, and Julie. We are back December 14 (a little break for now) with “Holidays.” Let us know if you have a story!

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