Note: For general inquiries or comments, send us an email at tenx9nashville (at) If you’re wanting to reach out about collaborating, check out our page for that!

If you are writing to request a slot to tell a story at the next event, then first all, welcome! Most excited to hear your story pitch! 

Before you submit below, please read carefully our editorial guidelines to be sure your story fits our environment. If you have never been to a Tenx9 before, we ask that you attend at least one show and get a feel for our culture before proposing a story. 

To request a spot, please indicate each of  the following in the message:

  • The title of your story (if you have one)
  • A story summary (no less than 4-5 sentences)
    • Be sure your story summary gives a clear indication of the beginning, middle, and end of your story—we want to know the narrative arc
    • NOTE: We work hard to make Tenx9 a welcoming event for all, so it’s important to us that no group is stereotyped, however unintentionally, through the stories. With that in mind, does your story make reference to or feature a group of people that you’re not a part of?
  • One-three sentence bio about yourself that we can use to introduce you on the night
    • Note: Many storytellers submit a bio-intro that in someway ties into the theme

You should receive an email from us within a week letting you know whether a slot is available or answering whatever question you might have.  

If you are approved for a story, be sure to read our tips for telling the story on the night of the event and our additional storytelling tips. Thank you!

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