Tenx9 is a story economy, which means it runs on generosity. At Tenx9, we come generously, listen generously, tell generously, and hopefully give generously. We will never charge people to come hear or share stories. Good stories and a spirit of community need not be priced. Thus, without your generosity, we cannot continue this truly unique monthly night of storytelling. 

Those who organize, host, and tell stories at Tenx9 do so without any financial compensation. Tenx9, however, does incur some practical costs each month (not least: venue hire) and we gratefully accept donations, no matter how large or small. Tenx9 is fully self-supporting through the contributions of those who attend and appreciate Tenx9 and want to keep it going.

NOTE: In a spirit of equity for all who come to Tenx9, any financial donation is received as a gift. It is not an exchange for decision-making authority, influence, a seat on a busy night, nor a slot on the storytelling roster.

If you have questions about the Tenx9 Nashville finances or donating, please contact Michael McRay.

Our deep thanks for your support, participation and enthusiasm,

Tenx9 Nashville Team (Michael, Rob, Gayathri, and John)

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