Hard Times – The Understory and Next Theme

Brittany Sky gave a moving understory to our 2016 November theme “Hard Times.” 

Life can be very hard at times.


  1. Been wrongly accused as “Mommy” at the worst possible time.
  2. Lost our best friend, Tiger the dog, and watched our grandfather lose his memory to 41-hard-timesdementia.
  3. Received life changing information: our little brother diagnosed with leukemia. And we wait for more life changing news.
  4. Been banned from seeing our sister Lulu after she was burned by a caregiver, and told our absence was God’s will.
  5. Our arm candy, Carol, is saddled with a sociopath named MS.
  6. Become addicted to self-harm after being bullied as our mother faced ovarian cancer and lost.
  7. Learned that interracial relationships are hard and it is way too easy to slip back into white America.
  8. Left our husband, flown 2000 miles to Nashville with three children in the middle of a snow storm, and got stranded at the airport.
  9. Struggled with our depression, nearly losing our lives to it.

But, we are not alone.

We’ve seen community in:

  1. Jellyfish exhibits and Oreos.
  2. Grandfathers who hold us, kiss our foreheads, and recognize us in our tears.
  3. Mothers and fathers who hold our hands, pushing through our uncomfortable feelings.
  4. Having Lulu, our conviction it’s not God’s will, and it’s all going to be okay.
  5. Loving partners and strength training. It gives us joy and strong marriages.
  6. Teachers who notice and know us, and our own strength to stay sober three years.
  7. Coming out about our own white privilege on stage.
  8. Airport angels who opened up their homes and became friends.
  9. The beautiful, boundless love of family.

Thanks to all our storytellers–David, Christy, Michael, Amy, Sergio, Deepak, Lauren, Michelle, and Drew. Join us December 12 for our final 2016 event, “Holidays.” If you’ve got a story, let us know here!