Johanna Derry started Tenx9 Balham in Autumn 2014. She’d come across to visit Belfast previously, in order to suss out the storytelling goodness. The Belfast folks had previously known Johanna Derry from camping in a field in the middle of England. She’s fantastic, witty, and wonderful. Johanna’s a writer and she regularly writes stories of real people (she told Padraig once that while she’s interviewing folks, she’s often in tears, which could either help or hinder the storytelling process!). Additionally, Johanna has an aptitude for remembering odd phrases in foreign languages. For instance, if you speak Norwegian, Johanna will be able to tell you that she’s unmarried, depressed, and has a microwave. If you fancy teaching her other foreign phrases in odd languages, pop along to Tenx9 Balham. Tenx9 Balham will take place on the first monday night of the month.

Tenx9 Balham have a Facebook page here.

Check out their Twitter page here @Tenx9Balham

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Tenx9 Balham takes place in The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 9HD.

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