We are excited to announce our next event for June!!

Submit your stories soon!!

June 19th, 2023

Jackalope Brewing Company

429B Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203 starting at 6:30 pm.

We would so 🧡💚🖤❤️ to meet you in person to share stories.

Our Theme for June 2023: Its complicated!

Submitting a story for Tenx9 Nashville events.

You’ll get more information about the kinds of stories we’re looking for at our editorial guidelines, but briefly,

  • We want one true story from your life. Each part of that is important. One story. True. From your own life.
  • Tenx9 isn’t for reminiscences, or summaries of your whole life story, or reflections on what’s important, inspirational talks, or sermons or manifestoes. Those forms are brilliant! but they’re not what Tenx9 is about.
  • Stories need to be at 10 minutes or shorter. There will be 9 stories and we will have a break after the third and sixth stories.
  • Make sure you know the theme!
  • When it comes to your story, within a sentence or two, we want to be wondering ‘What’s going to happen next?’ or ‘What happened before?’
  • There’s no need to have give any introduction. Just drop us into a true story! “The last day I saw my friend…” or “When preparing for a holiday, never forget your passport…”
  • You don’t need to give us a conclusion either: “The thing this story taught me is…” We can probably guess that already, and there are probably heaps of different things different people will take from your story.
  • If there are a few characters, help us. Using “the clever sister” “the man with the bad tie” and “the stranger” is going to make it easier for the audience than remembering who Desmond, Cuthbert, and Hephzibah are.
  • You can send us your story outline (or have us phone you) for an editorial chat. You can send us a document on tenx9nashville(@)gmail.com. (Please, in the name of all that’s lovely, make sure you’ve read the editorial guidelines! We can tell within 10 seconds if you haven’t!)

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You should receive an email from us within a week letting you know whether a slot is available or answering whatever question you might have.